Services to banks in the area of card technologies

More than 18 years of experience and know-how, extensive resources.

If you will address us with a problem that we have never solved before – you will be assigned a DISCOUNT! We are interested in new challenges!

We Are Reliable

You trust us – we do not deceive you. We speak a common language with you, solving any issue in a quick and competent way.

Comprehensive Approach

You will not have to search for a subcontractor for every stage of work. Our systems are “ready-made”, starting from idea to implementation and support.

Best Price

Our pricing policy is flexible and includes minimal delta. We treat requests from our customers with a high responsiveness and immediately react to their countersuggestions.

Types of Services

Product Certification

We provide support during the entire cycle of certification: submission of application / registration / preparation of documents for audit / support at audit stage / informing about status and results / drafting reports and statements.

Information Technologies Security

Survey and recommendations to keep safe customer’s information environment. We follow the requirements of regulators and constantly monitor every change. We are also ready to train your staff.

Development of Business Plans and Technology Solutions

Goal definition / Collection and analysis of information / Development of various versions of business plan / Coordination: highly-qualified professionals are involved at every stage of procedure – from technical experts to business analysts.

Independent Expertise of Business Solutions

We carry out an independent content-related evaluation of any developed solution: methodologies applied / consideration of requirements / process management / conformity to corporate policy / analysis of developed documents and solutions.

«OK PROCESSING» has undergone a planned audit and got certified for the PCI PIN Security Requirements

Ways of Cooperation

Our customers are unique – not only in terms of their projects, but also in terms of their requirements regarding cooperation policy.

First ones are able to spend their time to manage project development process and just demand consultations at certain project stages.
Others prefer to save their time and nerves, and entrust us the entire process of idea implementation.
Third ones are ready to outsource a part of processes by focusing their own efforts on core business activities.

When you start working with “OK PROCESSING”, you can choose the most appropriate way of cooperation with us:

Project Design Works

Do you develop an existing product or develop a new one? We will draft a business plan. There is already a solution? We will carry out an independent expert evaluation, elaborate recommendations, create necessary project solutions.

Personal Consultant

Do you have your own team to develop a product or a service, but lack competency at some issues? We highly recommend to hire our professionals who will make your product or service efficient and safe for your business.

Outsourcing / Support

Do you need a monitoring of a product or a technical solution? To outsource a part of functional tasks is not a tribute to fashion, but an efficient solution for cost optimisation. Our highly-qualified professionals will help to minimize risk of loss, but you will get a transparent service basing on an easy-regulated monitoring system and a high responsiveness.

«OK PROCESSING» is certified for connection to payment systems for providing services to the banks within the European Union.